Dirty Talk Interactive Fuck Him Silly Masturbator


Meet your versatile bottom and perfect top who wants to talk dirty to you. It’s time to switch things up with DIRTY TALK®, the first interactive male masturbator. We’ve combined 6 lbs. of soft, snug Fanta Flesh® with a super-hot male voice and powerful vibrations for an unforgettable sensory experience. Once you touch his lifelike skin, rock hard cock, and hear his sexy voice, you won’t be able to hold back.

Featuring a built-in, rechargeable hi-fi speaker that delivers his irresistible voice, our exclusive motion-activated technology allows this stud to tell you how good it feels and what he wants you to do to him with every thrust. The faster you pound his tight little hole, the more frequently he screams, moans, and begs you to yank his stiff shaft.

He also delivers intense vibrations every time he speaks. Using a powerful micro-bullet paired up to an internal motion sensor, you get simultaneous vibrations with every word he speaks, every time you pound him.

Push against his willing entrance and listen to how much he enjoys it. Spread his cheeks and slip inside for a tight anal experience. Or, slam against him till he’s balls-deep. Dirty Talk is realistically satisfying every time.

Features & Benefits

• Hi-Fi Speaker
• Synchronized vibrating bullet
• USB Rechargeable
• Motion-activated dirty talk technology
• Posable cock
• Table top design


Care Instructions

On/Off: Hold the power button down for three seconds and your new fuck friend welcomes you with a warm greeting. Simply push the power button to turn the volume up and cycle through seven volume settings, then press it again to lower the volume and cycle through the seven lower tones. When you’re done with the fun, hold the button down again for three seconds and he signs off with a tempting goodbye message.

Charging: Connect the included USB cord to the back of the voice box and plug the other end into a compatible power source. Charge time is approximately 1.5 hours. Run time is approximately 2 hours

Package Includes

• (1) Interactive Vibrating Masturbator
• (1) Voice Box
• (1) Vibrating Micro Bullet w/Cord
• (1) USB Charging Cord